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dog when i tell u it’s been hell since we made this. Not as a creative process but just finding the time for it. I moved to nyc a year after starting madeintheurl and that first year really took a toll on me. niggas was beyond down bad. i went from being a broke nigga in virginia to a somewhat stable nigga in nyc on his way to being a boss. i had no idea who i was, what i was doing, or what madeintheurl is. i now KINDA know what madeintheurl is. a creative agency. were opening up to consult with clients wheter it’s a brand, person, or product. i know what im doing, planting the seeds for my garden. i kinda know who i am? actually i dont. i feel like a vessel. hopefully im this generations vessel, i really dont know what other purpose i serve. im the voice, the the leader, but what am i for myself. this is something i am trying to figure out. we have more music coming, clothes, content, all in house baby. im kinda rambling at this point... - chris


wow. ill be real im tired as hell after updating this site with the boys. will fill u in on whats going on in a bit. 

new shit 7/09/2021

been a minte URLiens! the site has just been updated with new merchandise, new music, new interviews, new articles, and more content from the URLiens. We’ve been spending the summer soaking in all life has to offer together. URLiens have met IRL, and speak everyday in the discord, which if you’re not in yet, JOIN! It’s a beautiful community of 250+ beautiful URLiens chatting everyday! Let us know your favorites from the updates and keep your eyes open for more content coming very soon! With Love, JACK urLIGHTBURNE

new shit 3/26/2021

its been a month since this dropped.... i am simply blown away. overwhelmed is an understatement but we managing. i have been creating a lot more music. weirder shit. its been fun, im trying to figure out how to use all these super powers i have been given. anyways i hope yall like these new podcast, i would have more to say but im otw to pick up some blanks... the hustle continues. your boy christopher chance, loggin out

the beginning of the end

hello you all. its christopher chance, its 3:09 am where im at and im in my bed trying to fix anything we missed. i have been on this earth for almost 23 years now. i have learned a lot, i have failed a lot, i have won a lot. at this point in my story, im truly understanding the power i possess, and how to use it for the greater good. i have always wanted to be a rapper, i have always wanted to be a interviewer, i have always wanted to have my own radio show, i have always wanted my own clothing brand, i have always wanted my own. in the last 2 months of my life i have somewhat figured out the solution to this equation that is my purpose. that is why i created madeintheurl. at first it was a name for a mixtape that is now called wild wild web, but in wu tang fashion it grew far beyond its original meaning. me, jack, julius, lamzy, we are creating this platform all hundreds of miles away from each other. we all met on ktt. jack listened to my podcast growing up and now we deadass brothers. this shit is a whole different ball game at this point, the lines are blurred. madeintheurl is a website, but were also a podcast, but were also a design team, but were also musicians, but we also direct.... i could go on but you get what im saying. with the introduction of the internet, the ability to be whoever you want to has been increased tenfold, and were taking full advantange of this shit. i have had a theory for years, every 2 year of the decade the true leaders and innovators have marked their flags in the culture. 1992 - wu tang, 2002 - dipset, 2012 - odd future/asapmob..... the cycle contiunes constantly, with every 20 years a true reset happening. we are back to square one, society has reset, everything is a level playing field because of the internet now. its our turn at bat, and idk about u but im finna knock this mf out the god damn universe. with all that being said...... 2022 - madeintheurl.

I hope you all enjoy the site, with love
chris chance