Outdoor Essentials: Alpinist Edition

By: Zarria B

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After a four-year-long solo trip traveling the country as a park ranger, this is all I got from that...A list to get you out there. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor items I’ve used over the years,
Alpinist Edition:

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel:

The portable solar panel is an essential item for your avid alpinist. The Gold Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel is the evolved brain. When you’re on a long-term trip, having extra power is a necessity. The concept of portable solar panels isn’t fully actualized for your long-distance hiker or climber, this solar panel is more applicable with your Rv’ers and stationary campers. After working a four-month stint in a remote cabin in Shell Falls, Wyoming, using solar power to charge a yeti was a game-changer during the summer. Once winter was approaching, the functionality continued to be the highlight of this essential as it can double as a semi-permanent solar panel on uninhibited dwellings and cabins.

Patagonia’s Women’s All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bomber Hoody Jacket:

Originally being crafted to keep propellor plane pilots warm, Patagonia took all the right steps to create the perfect late-fall jacket. As a company that is currently experimenting with dying legacy products with natural dyes and using recycled polyester taffeta, this bomber is a holy grail in its outlook for more sustainable ways to create lasting clothing for outdoor enthusiasts. This jacket is structured intentionally for a long-term trip, its many compartments and hand-warming compartments create an effortless layering experience. Mimicking the Carhartt Cotton Hooded Duck Jacket, Patagonia created a sleeker more portable version. This design allows you to have the Carhartt look with more insulation and functionality. The string-sinched hood and large iron forge zipper make it a perfect winter coat when wearing gloves. Grab a size up as this jacket is known for running small, as well to be able to layer underneath.


Osprey UltraLight 3 Dry Sack:

This is one of my favorite bags ever. Out of all of the materials I would bring with me on any long excursion, a dry bag is in my top 5 items ever. Keeping your stuff protected is a necessity in any circumstance. After being caught in a passing storm while camping and opening my bag to wet clothes and an unresponsive phone, I knew that I had to find a way to have security in every aspect of my camping trips. This dry sack keeps all vulnerable items dry during any amount of downpour or submerging. This ultralight sack is extremely tough and is even perfect for the multiple-day climber as it sustains any terrain and climate. The shape of these dry bag is rectangular which allows for a more practical packing experience.

Lark 10 Lark Mummy Sleeping Bag:

Feathered Friends created the perfect mummy-shaped sleeping bag for the wild sleeper.In higher altitudes there comes a point where no matter how many layers you throw on top of you, the temperature will feel steady. While using this sack, I noticed that it allows for a consisten distributed warmth. The amount of insulation doesn’t allow for an effortless packing experience for long-distance hikers but is a perfect sleeping bag for long-term campers. Though mummy-shaped, this bag is roomy and is perfect for your wild sleeper. This three-season bag has materials inside of the sleeping bag that doesn’t have a scratchy fabric on the zipper which allows for a cloud-like sleeping experience after a day of being outdoors.

Yeti Rambler 36oz Bottle with Chug Cap:

An obvious essential, the liquid container. This Yeti Rambler has a chug cap which allows for a more streamlined, coke bottle drinking experience. This is my all-time favorite rambler. A perfect hiking and camping container is lightweight, keeps hot liquids warm and cold liquids cool, and holds a ton, and this is the perfect blend. This container is another outdoor item that translates well into more casual settings, this container can take falls off of rocky cliffs with ease,as well as serving as your morning tea insulator at work. This rambler is layered with a coating that is fingerprint-proof and UV light-resistant. The twist-off cap is perfect for intense hikes prevents spillage and leaks. Even if you go outdoors once every two years, having a yeti for your daily routine is necessary.

Akila X Bricks & Wood Earth Day “HALLDALE”

Bridging sustainability and fashion has been a hot topic for this new decade of outwear fashion. Some items feel like necessities when you’re out in the wilderness and despite your best efforts, most of our essentials aren’t sustainable. Akila X Bricks & Woods somehow crafted a high-end accessory for the outdoors that captures that essence of Earth Day.The way the frames sit on the bridge of the nose creates a “goggle” like shape on the face that is perfect for the hikers who want to look good. These sunglasses are made out of a biodegradable material made from wood pulp and vegetable-based plasticizer. These shades have 100% UVA/UVB protection and thick acetate shields provide a comfortable fit and security. Staying true to their sustainable promise they only dropped 100 pairs. These Akila-made shades are some of the rarest glasses out right now.

Women’s Tabio Sports Signature Run Toe Crew Socks:

When I hike I like to dress as if I am going running, sometimes because I’m preparing for a worst-case scenario, but mostly because hiking and running generally work out the same parts of my body. The socks and shoes I wear are the foundation of my entire hike. Knowing how to choose a breathable sock for hiking boots while keeping your feet warm, knowing which socks to layer for toe agility, figuring out which pair is more water wicking, are all high priority questions that all avid outdoor enthusiasts have while dressing for a long day outside. A Japanese classic, the Tabio Sports Signature Run Toe crew socks are the ultimate sock for a day outdoors. The three-dimensional knitting pattern gives wearers a fatigue-less experienc after a day of wearing and prevents any major blistering. I wear these socks any chance that I get, five-toe socks and two-toe socks by Tabio perfects the awkwardness of having your toes separated in a sock. Multiple toe socks take extra care than your average sock, so treat these with care!

After being an avid outdoorsman and environmental scientist for the past 4 years, my relationship with outdoor clothing has become borderline obsessive.

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