The Summer Style Guide Issue #001

Futura Verde: The Color of Life 


Written By:
obb Shettlewood

Photography By: Siva Ambrose & Emely Nunez


On a now very characteristic rainy-humid NYC summer day where no one knows how to dress for the bipolar ass weather, I peacefully stroll through the soaked streets of the Lower east side. I'm on my way to Remedy Diner to sit down with my friend: 23 year old NYC native, rising artist and DJ ‘Futura Verde’. As our conversation goes on, a gloomy day seems to adapt to fit her colorful, playful aura. She really made the clouds straighten up and get their shit together. The drinks start flowing, the sun comes out and life is great.

URL: We been having a lot of chillier days this summer, do you feel that's been changing the way you dress?

FV: Yea I haven't got to wear my ya know… more thotty outfits hahaha

URL: the sexy stuff forreal

*mimosa glasses clink*

FV: this shit taste like hennessy

URL: Yea they put some shit in this

URL: you popped out real crazy in the y/project jellies and what is this skirt?

FV: JPG skirt.

URL: Noice. I love how colorful the fit is.

FV: since its been rainy I try to dress in more colors, because the way I dress really reflects my mood. I wanna show that I’m in high spirits. Wearing these pink mules and my yellow skirt put me in a better mood than wearing all black.

Look 1 Top- Thrifted, Skirt- Jean Paul Gaultier, Shoes- Y/Project x Melissa Collab, Bag- Thrifted

Look 2 Top- Thrifted, Bottoms- Thrifted, Shoes- Doc Marten, Bag- Thrifted

*shows her the previews of the pictures*

FV: my hair look good!!

URL: when you have red hair do you go for different color blocking with clothes than you usually would?

FV: ever since i dyed my hair red i’ve been dressing in so much more red. Orr I’ll wear yellow to contrast it. I think yellow and red looks sick.

URL: shout out mcdonalds!

FV: hahah yea exactly. - or pink too. I've been wearing a lot of red and pink valentines day vibes.

URL: How did the song "Can't Get You Out of My Head” come about?

FV: I wrote it like sometime last year, maybe October 2022 and it's basically me thinking about someone I shouldn’t be thinking about… while I'm with someone else.

URL: it sounds crazy but u think about it and ur like OK i been there.

FV: It's up to interpretation. A lot of people may not see it the way I wrote it or think I'm referring to one person but its 2 I don't know.

URL: thats art though, everythings open to interpretation

URL: The cover for that song is crazy i love the fit

FV: I’m so proud of myself with that project cuz i was working on it for so long and made a bunch of revisions so i wanted to make sure I had a visual that properly represented what i wanted to go for. The song is very dream-like and it's very soft and that's what I wanted to go for in the visual and my outfit.

URL: a real cohesive vision

FV: Yea I had my friends help too, Emely and Dakota. It's the best having creative friends who can understand what you’re trying to do… they always support me.

URL: *Nods in approval because the food is bussin*

URL: working with friends is great cuz there's a level of trust that already exists so you don't feel squeezed when trying to execute your vision.

URL: how do you get your voice to come through with clothes and your style.

FV: something that i really appreciate about my style is i don't really have a certain particular style i kind of just throw stuff together and that's the beauty of it. I would also say I'm inspired by y2k and high-end y2k and streetwear.

URL: I'm hugely inspired by streetwear. What brands were you looking at growing up?

FV: I’ve always been a big fan of Stussy, i still am. I just don't really dress streetwear anymore. Now i be on my formal wear, more classy. As i've got older I like to express my femininity in my clothes. I sold all my sneakers in 2021

URL: An existence without sneakers sounds like an afterlife I wouldn’t wanna live in…

FV: I wore a lot of Jordans and I feel like that got oversaturated. I wasn’t fuckin with it.

URL:  Yea I feel that, trendy culture really took a lot of those shoes away from us…What kinda sneakers did you go for in your rotation rebirth?

FV: A lot more high end stuff. Like more designer sneakers, I was over the whole Jordan shit.

URL: I’m the worst I won’t sell. I'll just put em away until I come around again.

FV: Its a lot of pairs I didn’t wear that much. Im lowkey a minimalist. I don't like to have too much bullshit in my closet, if i don't wear it ima get rid of it. It’s just taking up space

URL: What's the time table on not wearing something?

FV: 6 Months. If I haven’t worn it, it's gone.

URL: That's so real.

FV: Forreal I'm an outfit repeater. I have clothes in my closet to wear them.

URL: That's so real. I'm a clothing hoarder haha. How do you feel when you put the fit on?

FV: Once I throw that shit on I feel invincible. My whole mood is elevated. I feel like that bitch forreal. I like HER! That feeling is really unbeatable, like you can't even describe the word. When I have a fire fit on I just feel so much more confident.

URL: I feel that!! Me I get real unpredictable haha

FV: WeOutsiiide hahaha like if I have a good fit on and I have nothing to do I’ll find something to do. Yah gon see me today!

URL: what have been your favorite memories of the Summer so far?

FV: hmm well one– you were there– my DJ set at Honey’s. That shit was so fun. The energy was up, everybody was dancing. It felt like summer. It was packed.

URL: Yea it was crazy you gave us the vibes.

FV: Funny the second one is also at Honey’s on the Puerto Rican day parade. If you know Gio and Yavez, They DJ’d. Were you there?

URL: Nah you know I fall asleep very early haha

FV: haha First of all I’m Dominican but I still had to pop out cuz those are our allies. It was such a good day everyone was in high spirits, getting fucked up, shaking ass. It was fun

URL: That's the spirit of summer forreal.

FV: I was ready to jump out the roof of a car and shake ass

*We both giggle cuz everyone in this little section of the restaurant including the waitress is tuned in*

FV: Lately I been doing a series on instagram reels like life updates…I posted two videos and they’re more like quarter and now i'm working on the next quarter

URL: Wait quarterly?? Ahah I love that it's like the investor report… What made you start doing that series?

FV: The first one I did was so fun I was like I wanna start doing this more.

URL: It's like a gratitude journal.

FV: Nah really. Just to be able to look back and be like that was such a fun year.

URL: Where did the name Futura Verde come from?

FV: Honestly I don’t even really remember, I was trying to come up with a DJ name and I struggled a lot and the only thing I came up with was Futura Verde. It basically means ‘green future’ in spanish. I’m Dominican and wanted my name to represent who I am. Plus, green is my favorite color and the sound I wanna make is more futuristic, very electronic. It sounds cooler in Spanish than English, haha. I'm still figuring out my sonic but really I wanna get to a point with this DJing shit that I can blend two genres that aren't necessarily related and make my own sound.

Look out for more music, mixes, DJ sets and fits from a true star in the making and one of the most fun and inspiring people to be around. Huge thank you to (Kayla) Futura Verde for being a part of this and giving us a look into her world. Huge thank you to Siva for the amazing photos and the support.


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