The Summer Style Guide Issue #002

Written and Photographed By:
Robb Shettlewood


Siva, a talented photographer, closet connoisseur and essentially the mayor of BK, has been a friend of madeintheurl for years. Initially, I met her while we were both working at shitty Soho retailers (thank gawd we made it outa that). Of course those jobs sucked but the connection and conversation that came out of them is the silver lining. Fast forward to today and we’re still chopping it up about everything from her closet, this summer’s style do’s/don’ts, her photography, TV and our love of memes.

URL: Whats the vibes been this summer

SVA: I really been outside this summer…but the vibes are also very wholesome. I been onna world tour making a lot of friends.

URL: Real diplomat, press tour

SVA: Yea if the vibes are right I can hangout with anybody…lately i been meeting people and conversation is great then at some point I’ll look around and im like I don’t even know these people but its vibes hahah

URL: Summer ‘23 do u feel like there's anything we’ve lived through that you can compare this summer too or is this sumn totally different

SVA: This is def sumn totally different. Last summer I started going out more but this summer I really been a lot more social. I also haven't gone anywhere, last summer I wasn’t in the city much.

URL: This a new york summer for you

SVA: Aha I hope not im tryna go somewhere else though

URL: I love that people romanticize new york in the summer but for a lot of people that live here this is the time to get out. This weather has been weird, we’ve had the yellow filter a couple times.

SVA: Yea I don’t know how to dress for humidity. Its just been Jorts and Skirts all summer. Thats all ive been wearing but its not enough haha

URL: As a Georgia boy I be feelin like this my time to shine

SVA: I cant believe you have on a jacket right now

URL: I know but I'm in my natural habitat drinkin whiskey, braves cap on wit a jacket. I’m used to this haha

URL: Every brand has been tryna pull a Jort. What brands have the best Jorts right now?

SVA: I really like the Stussy ones.

URL: Ah the Raw denims right

SVA: Yup those have been my go-to

URL: The fit that you had with those stussy jorts and the boots was crazy. I really love boots and shorts.

SVA: Same same haha I thought it was dumb at first but now im like its sorta a vibe

URL: Its like breaking the fashion rules and making it look good, you just feel like a badass. Like theres no way i'm not wearing this combination again.

SVA: Yea I’m looking for more of those combos

URL: What makes a boot good and wearable for shorts?

SVA: I think it has to be some typa motorcycle or riding boot. I HATE cowboy boots and shorts

SVA: Idk its just something about it…

URL: Hmmmm something

SVA: Hahah I like the prada riding boots or lug sole boots with shorts. The pair I had on are from Costume National, I thrifted those. Those are good.

URL: What are the right short proportions for this summer

SVA: They have to cover your knees. I been studying it. If they’re above your knees it looks weird.

URL: This tough for the shorts that you could wear either way ya know like if i sit these below the waist they’ll hit below the knee but if i wear em how im supposed to they could be sumn else style wise.

URL: Other than the jean shorts what else do you feel like has been the perfect piece for summer?

SVA: I’ve been wearing a lot of ballet flats, im tryna be more girly. I like the Miu Miu flats and the margiela ones.

URL: Lets talk about the Paloma wool fit with the Margiela ballet shoes. Whats the story with that one? Is this more of like a main event fit or an all day?

SVA: I was trying to give angelic vibes for sure. Hahah I got a lot of compliments but def was struggling in that all white.

URL: Insane swag to have, Angelic swag. Its a set right? Is it ki
nda warm?

SVA: Its not a set but its two pieces I liked. One is a see through shirt and the skirt is reversible. The other side is a tie-dye grey.

URL: What brands for the girlies are dropping the summer must haves?

SVA: Gimaguas– Very beachy vacation vibes, Paloma wool– Obviously, The Open Product– They have some hits (and misses) for the girlies

URL: The braids with this fit go so crazy, whos your braider?

SVA: Her insta is @/slayedinbraids, Freestyle braids for the summer you cant go wrong

SVA: After this one i'm gonna get a new pattern but I feel like the star bouta be my trademark haha

URL: When you’re not outside what shows are you watching?

SVA: A lot of comfort shows… Broad City is one of my comfort shows

URL: haha I love broad city shout out Abby and Alana

SVA: And Lincoln!

URL: Haha yuh we love hannibal burress. I remember being in 9th grade and seeing all of new  york through broad city.

SVA: I’m definitely having my broad city summer haha

URL: Well you’re at Bode now, what are some of your favorite pieces from this summer

SVA: One thing I realized with Bode is its hard to mix it with streetwear, like you almost have to wear it by itself.

URL: Okay thats interesting

SVA: I kinda take it back TOTEM styles Bode with a lot of engineered Garments and it looks good. It has to be really patterned to go together though. Its so structured, Its hards to fit it into my other clothes…If that makes sense

URL: I get you, I like that you started the convo at streetwear. Do you feel like you approach styling with streetwear as your pushing off point?

SVA: Yea I would say so, because the majority of pieces in my closet are streetwear. I’m working towards more designer stuff but I’ve mostly been the Stussy or Braindead, Engineered Garments and Kapital. I wanna be more girly, I wanna wear more prada, Issey. I’ve been getting a lot of Comme from Country Of.

URL: Me and my friends were laughing the other day cuz they essentially posted the eric cartman button up.

SVA: Hahaha I know what shirt you’re talkin about

SVA: Lara Koleji is another great place to buy Comme, its more for the girls though

URL: Ur givin up the drop I might be taking away some tricot skirts from yah haha

SVA: Theres some good Junya skirtsI’ve got from them too.

URL: Did you go to the Dover sale?

SVA: Nooo I did not *sigh* I didnt wanna get outa bed, plus the videos I saw I didnt really see stuff I liked.

URL: Thats fair. It was type a thrifters haven but all Comme or DSM related from the last 8 years.

URL: So How do you feel about Wales-Bonner’s adidas collabs?

SVA: I have on the pair from last year, I thought I liked the silver pair but after seeing people wear them i dont know anymore. Maybe I’m just hating tho haha

URL: Dayum… they not wearin em right haha

SVA: Yea I’m hatin from outside the club haha. I like the cream and brown ones too, the green knit ones too. I like the color, I been looking for green shoes.

URL: Whats the go to color palette of the Summer?

SVA: White for sure… I been wearing a lot of greens and navy, orange. Lately I been gravitating towards navy stuff which I never do. Like seeking out navy clothes. I got these Telfar shorts that are really good. They’re navy and my go-to.

URL: Telfar quietly has some of the best clothes for the price.

SVA: Forreal and its funny it’ll be so specific like some Liberia Olympics warmups.

URL: A Black culture deep cut

SVA: Like they dont even know I got the Liberia flag on hahaha

URL: That needs to be a meme. We gon mock that up.

SVA: Haha Im trying to be more colorful this summer, I started wearing a lot of black this last winter and that's a first for me. I see people wearing all black and I'm like damn they look cool as hell, I wanna be that person. Its cause I’m always the one thats colorful but I like all white too.

URL: On gawd you said rock the all white when I’m feeling godly

SVA: Haha exactly angelic vibes

URL: Lets talk photography… Have you been working
on any projects?

SVA: Hmm no, since I graduated I just needed a break so thats been this summer. I was working super hard during winter and the end of the [school] year on my thesis project and that was draining because it was so serious. Recently I’ve been having more inspiration… I wanna do more silly fun things.

URL: What was your thesis about?

SVA: It was about being a first gen american in a caribbean family.I was interviewing my family and taking pictures of them.

URL: Thats so cool wheres your family from?

SVA: That side of my family is from St.Lucia

“Im turning into a old head I got on Jorts, Im listening to 80s music”

URL: Ur like the meme if a girl was a uncle

SVA: I JUST TWEETED THAT haha I literally just tweeted that

URL: This interview is just bare memes hahaha

URL: Woo ok are you feelin any sneakers?

SVA: I was just talkin about this yesterday! I have not been wearin sneakers like that lately. I want more sneakers tho I want a pair of nike shox like white and silver or black… like the Martine Shox

URL: Exactly I was just about to say those. The white and silver is such a sleeper.

URL: What are some things your looking forward to for the rest of the summer?

SVA: Traveling in august and probably concerts.


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